Top Wheels


Welcome to Top Wheels Belgium.

Status Quo december 2014: new workshopowner: Jan Luyten

Top Wheels Belgium opened for business in Antwerp in 1996 and has grown since then to become Belgiums largest supplier of motorcycle wheel components.

Not only do we supply rims and spokes; we also offer services for all kinds of wheel-building for all kind of (motor)vehicles. (from 1897 till 2010 and later)

We can lace up your own rims and hubs either with galvanised or polished stainless-steel spokes.

When you only have the original hubs, we can offer you a wide range of brand new rims (chrome-plated, polished aluminium, anodished aluminium, polished stainless steel,...) which can be laced up with either galvanised or polished stainless steel.

We take orders from one-off to large productions and we are sure that we can offer you the best quality wheelbuilding that you have seen in years.

Both traders as customers are welcome and will be treated with the same respect.

Deze website is enkel een hobby voor ons, indien u wil kan u ons altijd steunen met een kleine donatie, u helpt al vanaf €1.